Wellness Sessions

Deep Heart Listening + Healing

"Thank you for witnessing me.
The things that have erupted and grown since our session~ 1 session!!
The insights, the clarity, the release.
My mind is blown."

Tanya, Australia

Natasha I’ve been seeing a therapist for YEARS!!!
What I gained out of one hour with you cannot even begin to compare.
This to me is what talk therapy should be.

The medicine you offer through your way of listening and energy work is profound and something I’ve never experienced.
The space you held was deep and I felt very safe like I was in a cocoon. At the same time it was like I was in a world outside our world if that makes sense.
The world needs your skills and magic more than ever.
Thank you, thank you, thank you"

K, Canada

Inclusivity + accesibility are very important to me.
This is always a safe space for 2SQTBIPOC beings.
If funds are a struggle for you please reach out.

Intimately held,


and supported.

Offering deep active listening from my heart center to tend to your sacred self.
Reflective and respectful listening is deep and goes beyond physical words and their meanings.
It is listening from the entire being + hearing from the soul.

As a woman of color and a human who has not felt safe, seen and held in many spaces inclusivity is very important to me, this is always a safe space for Bipoc & LGBTQ2S+

When is the last time you felt truly heard? Truly seen?

The power of being truly seen, heard and held is profound and transformative.

It is heart healing.

I will listen to you for 60 minutes with deep empathy + compassion while connecting to your highest self and holding grounding, peaceful and safe space for you.

I will always connect to your highest self and offer you as much as I can in the time that we have.

I offer you a big heart'ed virtual hug, a patient ear and guidance when asked.

You will feel comfortable and a lot of love from me in this space.

Total privacy and no judgement.

This can be done by phone call or video depending on your comfort level.

60 min of deep active listening held for you in a safe, grounding, peaceful + non judgemental container.

There is also an add on for distance healing to your session, if you feel called to it.
I will send you deep healing to further ground you on your journey after our Heart listening.

I will connect to your auric bodies from here to see and feel where energies may be stuck or stagnant, drawing from various energetic healing modalities to balance them out.

I will always connect to your highest self and offer guidance, healing and messages in whatever way they choose to come through. Always with and for your highest and best intentions.

Sometimes this is through angels, your spirit guides or Earth mama and her healing elements. This can be done anytime after the Heart healing session.
I will send you a written note of what I felt and saw.

The amazing way energy works is that it transcends space, time + all dimensions, meaning that you can be anywhere doing anything and still fully receive a healing.

"Natasha has provided incredible support over the years for me during some of the most challenging times in my life.

As a man I felt deep shame to express myself this way. There was nobody I felt I could speak with or that would listen to me, but more importantly someone to actually hear me. She held a safe space for me where I felt I could be vulnerable and share my pain without fear of judgement. I didn't know this was possible for me. There are no words to express my thanks."

No matter how small or silly we think it might be.

Sometimes we just need to be heard and we don't need answers.

Listening is truly an art and a trait that few people execute, because they’re either too busy interrupting and telling you their own story or they aren’t pausing their own concerns to truly listen.

I am from a long line of intuitive healing folk on my mother's side.

I am a folk herbalist, medicine woman, intuitive guide + body worker.

I draw from various modalities I have studied and learned over the years to listen, guide and support in times of need.

Teachings from from my parents, my ancestors + the lands.

I work with my allies plant/tree spirits, crystal folk, Pachamama & all her children to help those who are stuck in life.

I am here to remind you of your own divine power and ability to heal.

For more than 15 years I have mentored and guided souls to merge with our highest Divine Selves, working as a medicine woman to facilitate our ability to heal, come back to heart & break out of our own self limiting patterns.

You are seen.

You are heard.

You are loved. Always.

Thank you for being here.


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Relaxing Massage + Sound Healing

We are transitioning to a lovely clinic setting in downtown Victoria and will be taking new clients again.

Uniting Mind, Body + Soul with the Medicine of touch and sound.

 Relaxing massage and sound healing using a crystal singing bowl.

I am a folk herbalist trained in Thai Massage, Tui Na, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic foundations, Traditional Japanese Reiki, Western Reiki, Theta + Sound healing and ceremony.

Much of my studies were done in South East Asia, but do not translate to what is known here in Canada as an RMT.

1 hour massage includes crystal sound bowl play during your session.

I combine nurturing touch with Tui na, acupressure, Swedish and Thai techniques with the addition of sound therapy.

This makes for a relaxing and very potent experience.

What if I don't want you to use the crystal singing bowl?

I might check your pulse.
Just kidding.
It's no problem at all!

"I was one of those people who didn't want the sound healing part. Why? Because I had never tried it before and thought it would be distracting.
Was I ever wrong. I ended up asking to experience it and was blown away. I appreciated the way Natasha explained how sound and frequency affects the body.
The massage itself was incredible. She created a beautiful healing space. I'll be back."

"I could have cried when I found someone who uses sesame oil in a massage setting.
Thank you. Thank you.
I'm so happy I found such an amazing massage person"

I make my own herb infused massage oils, currently using St. John's Wort Oil which is wonderful for everyone's sore muscles!

Other oils I use in my practice

Organic sesame oil
for my clients who are struggling with a vata imbalance and might show up as overall dryness; internal and external, dry lips, sore joints.

The energetocs of this oil are warming, moistening and just pure comfort.

Wonderful when the season is transitioning to fall.

Organic unscented and regular coconut oil.

Dandelion infused oil

Dandy Flower Oil promotes deep relaxation while releasing emotional tension and rigidity held in the muscles and fascia of the body caused by mental and emotional stress; all areas, especially the shoulders, neck, face + jaw.

👉🏽This is an excellent oil for body massage, especially amazing for use on the face + neck, chest areas with gua sha tools or kansa wand.
TMJ issues? This oil is your ally! Look in to facial massage + gua sha.

Read more about Dandelion oil here

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Looking forward to supporting you again!

Brightest blessings