Lion's Tooth Sunshine Oil

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This incredible oil is currently offered in the Of Light and Shadow bundle

For those days when your spirit needs a dose of sun + warmth + remembrance.
It's difficult to find just this beauty full strength on it's own full strength!
I have a small batch I kept as we move into Fall + winter.

Dandelion blossom infused oil is an all purpose floral moisturizer, skin-softening + tissue-supportive, help us release emotions that are being held.

The flowers carry big beautiful light codes
Feels like sunlight + smells like spring, summer & honey.

Dandy flowers lovingly harvested by me on unceded lands of the Lekwungen + WSÁNEĆ Nations.
Infused into avocado oil for 8 weeks and sung to by me and my crystal singing bowl.

Dandy Flower Oil promotes deep relaxation while releasing emotional tension and rigidity held in the muscles and fascia of the body caused by mental and emotional stress; all areas, especially the shoulders, neck, face + jaw.

👉🏽This is an excellent oil for body massage, especially amazing for use on the face + neck, chest areas with gua sha tools or kansa wand.
TMJ issues? This oil is your ally! Look in to facial massage + gua sha.

Historically used for breast massage, relaxing achy muscles, self worth, ritual work + release work.

Regular use of dandelion flower oil promotes deep relaxation of the breast tissues, facilitating the release of held emotions.

I have never seen a flower being so deeply hated as the dandelion which literally translates from french dent de lion to Lion's tooth in English.
Dandelion has been murdered over and over again~ poisoned, pulled up from his roots to keep lawns looking "proper"

All his medicine overlooked and yet each time he returns.
If ever there was a "weed" that says I am resilient AF it IS this little lion's tooth.
He perseveres in that he comes back over and over again, no matter what you do to him, he comes back harder, stronger, in bigger numbers and with that beautiful sunny face.
He will push through concrete and crevices to return & greet the sun.

Perpetually persecuted, they still adapt to nearly any climate, seed themselves in concrete, rock crevices, chemical-laden yards, vacant lots, and even in a sprinkle of earth and rock tossed atop a slab of metal. Dandelion is persistence, joy in the face of adversity and bliss even while broken-hearted."
Kiva Rose Medicine Woman