About Me

Hi, I'm Natasha
The human behind all this. 

This page, like me is always a work in progress and I often feel these words I type can't really capture the story, the truth of my lived experiences and who I am.
Akasha Spirit and all her journeys, dreams and visions that are still being birthed.

Since I was a young one I have been very sensitive to feeling and seeing energies and auras of people, animals and places.
My happy place was in the forest, in the water or on the land sky gazing. Nature runs deep through me.

I have always been moved towards studying shamanic style healing, metaphysical healing, working and learning with energy, animals and plant studies.

My support pillars have always been from the lands that I stand on, wherever that might be.

Akasha Spirit was Born in Taiwan over 10 years ago, when all I could find for my skin contained bleaching agents and the color of my skin was thought of as dirty.

This turned into offerings of nourishing skin care + bespoke intuitive healing services for the Heart + Mind + Body + Soul.

As I have evolved through the last 25 years of many life initiations, apprenticeships and trainings, so too have my offerings.
My being has undergone many deaths and rebirths and so has my work
My creations and offerings are woven with mysticism, animism and astrology.

I've been on the plant path for many years, it is one of constant learning, wonder and growth.

Business aside, I am a human  who has lived through complex and childhood trauma as well as chronic health challenges. 

As a mentor and space-holder, I come with deep understanding and empathy for what it’s like to feel stuck, in pain, and living in cycles that can’t seem to be escaped. 
I've learned to work with and through the wisdom of Earth and my body.

I gave my body permission to heal from endometriosis, cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer through food, plant medicines and energy work.
There were times when I became so detached from my true self that I lived through depression so low I wanted to leave this world.
These experiences have shaped me and left my being with deep medicine that I'm still unraveling today.

Part of my work here is to empower and support others in their own journey.

I am a space holder for hearts that need to be heard, a catalyst, herbalist, a medicine maker, Intuitive guide, + professional body worker trained in Thai Massage, Tui Na, Ayurvedic foundations, Traditional Japanese + Western Reiki, Theta Healing, Aromatherapy, sound healing + ceremony.
I am also a student of somatic meditation and will forever be a person of learning.
I believe our words hold great power, vibrations and energy.

Deep active listening and witnessing people in all they are holding is a skill I've had all along, but didn't realize!
This led to offering mentoring and guidance sessions where people could be deeply seen, heard and held with love.

I am currently deepening my knowledge and practice through training in Trauma Informed Coaching, PolyVagal Theory, Somatic Therapy and more Ayurvedic wisdom.
I will always be forever a student. I love learning.

I grew up in a small town of rural Ontario in Canada, but felt deeply called to leave, explore and expand more.

I moved to Taiwan which opened many doors to different teachings of the land and her people.

Over the years I became deeply interested in how everything was connected through the cosmos, I was fascinated with astrology and how planets were connected with plants and humans, different archetypes and how cosmological correlations of illness/health were connnected with planetary function.
I studied as much as I could on this and still continue to.

I've lived on many lands and have had the priviledge of learning through other cultures, their medicines and their people.



I am inspired through teachings from my parents, my ancestors and the lands.
Inspirations for my creations come from nature in all her forms, whispers, songs, smells, movements, visions from my ancestors and/or divine guidance from my intuition.
All gifts of medicine.

I would say my most valuable education comes from studying with Earth based healers from around the world (my parents included)
This allowed me to witnesse deep relationships between plants and people, experience the healing power of nature and learn directly from the land, plants and spirits.

I work with plant + tree spirit allies, crystal folk and Earth Mama. Their songs sing through me.

I love creating skin care and herbal potions that nourish deeply.

Earth and all her elements have always been deeply embedded in my life from a young age from my parents; some of my earliest memories were of my Mom teaching me about red clover and from my dad, how to hold and connect with bumble bees and snakes.

I feel a strong connection with the astrophysical realm, both Earth and Celestial energies are channeled into my offerings. 

For more than 10 years I have mentored and guided souls to merge with their highest Divine Selves by drawing from various healing modalities I have studied and my own life experiences.

My work and passion is to help facilitate and guide our ability to heal, come back to heart and break out of our own self limiting patterns.

I have gone through my own healing journeys, fell through many dаrк worm holes and come out on the other side.

I believe we are our own Healers, Saviors and Light. Nobody else can do this for us.

Now based on this island called Vancouver where I live, work and play on the unceded lands of the Lekwungen + W̱SÁNEĆ nations.

My roots are growing deeper with every moon.


How I create and work with plants


Using Awesome ingredients, Love, practice w deep reverence to Mother Earth + the Plant Allies.

I believe in The Tree folk, The Ancestors + The Elementals & the old ways.

Everything I make is handcrafted in small intentional batches through my own rituals, I grow some of the plants myself used in my creations with a lot of love + respect.

This looks like singing to the plants as they grow with my own voice and or singing bowl/drumming. 

Potions are infused with prayer and highest, loving intentions.
I also forage here on the island and source from local farmers whose values align with my own.

Specialty items like essential oils, resins or exotic butters are from small batch farmers I have been working with for a long time and built relationships with from my many travels over the years.

High vibration fresh ingredients are used, the whole Plant Spirit (not just her certain parts) are lovingly infused into organic oils, honey and spirits.

I believe in slow herbalism.
Oils I make are allowed to infuse properly, deeply with whole plant matter for a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

Elixirs and oxymels brew even longer.
On occasion essential oils + oleoresesins also lend their magicks to my creations.

I infuse everything with earth + element+ planetary energies, crystal singing bowl frequencies, prayers + crystal and stone magicks.

High vibration fresh ingredients are used, the whole Plant Spirit (not just her certain parts) are lovingly infused into organic oils, honey and spirits.

Plant beings are ethically harvested by me with the perfect rhythms and tides of Earth Mama (moon cycles) on the sacred beautiful sacred lands of the unceded Lekwungen/Songhees territories.

Harvesting to me means always with permission, tender gratitide and offerings.

Made with Prayer & Song 

It means I have built a relationship with these beings through deep love and reciprocity, they are spoken and sung to in prayer, laughter and joy.

Gathering is done in my own ritual steeped in prayer, song, joy and deep intention.

My own energy and those of the spirits present along with the cosmos and land are all woven into this beautiful process.

I believe plant + tree beings are our oldest living ancestors who are imbued with the most incredible spirits and soma.

When we hold them in love + reverence, they have the power to hold us in deep healing if we listen.
What are your Mind Body and Soul eating these days?
 Where does it come from & who is the Creatrix/Creator making them?
How do you hold space for yourself when your heart needs it?