Light Bringer~Sunwort Body Oil

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Light bringer + Protector Available in a 1oz glass pump bottle

Always in my first aid kit for muscle, nerve + burn trauma AND one of my absolute favorite herbal oils for Abhyanga, which is the ancient Ayurvedic practice of self oil massage.
Luxurious, rejuvenating, and leaves you feeling deeply replenished, calm, and grounded.
Commonly known as St John's wort, Hypericum, who I like to call Sunwort is one of the most protective beings I have worked with.

St. John's Wort oil holds and delivers the energies of warmth and brightness of the summer sun.
They penetrate deep into our tissues calming + warming the whole body while lifting spirit, relieves sore muscles, stressed nerves and helps damaged + irritated skin (eczema, scars, burns)
Wonderful friend for preventing burns from radiation treatment.

I grow this being myself. Harvesting is always in deep reverence and gratitude with lots of love and song with the perfect rhythms and tides of Earth Mama on the sacred beautiful unceded lands of the Lək̓ʷəŋən + W̱SÁNEĆ nations.

Working in harmony with the plant's natural rhythms and affinities allows products of superior shelf life, color, fragrance + use.
You can feel the strength of the plant spirit deeply.

They have been a deeply defensive & protective ally for me over the years~ especially in 2020-2021
Over the years this has been one of my favorites for body oiling and ritual.
The affinity for psychic and energetic protection of spirit runs deep with this being.

The beautiful sacred color is connected to our blood and I feel also to our heart.

Beautifully restorative, a fierce guardian of protection spiritually, environmentally & physically. I use them to protect my energies and auric bodies before ceremony, during energy work and intense chaotic times.

Their 5 pointed star shaped flowers always look up to the sun with multiple stamens & make me think of sunbeams as they whisper of allowing prana to flow in through our crown.
This blood red oil is a deeply protective grounding base to hold, love + protect you.

A powerful muscle, nerve, joint healing herb found growing over most of the northern hemisphere.
The infused oil of Saint John's Wort flowers has been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, (pain reducing) properties, + its affinity with the musculoskeletal system.

Due to it's anti viral properties he is a wonderful soothing friend during herpes and shingles outbreaks, helping with the pain + reducing the outbreak time.
Best paired with using the tincture internally and using the oil on the sores at the same time, at the first sign of an outbreak.

Yes, it can also be used as a yoni (vaginal) oil during outbreaks too and for preventing them. He is a wonderful safe intimate oil to use down there for ritual, self pleasure and after birth.

Traditionally used externally before and after sunbathing~ I use it often in this way to help protect + nourish my skin.
Though it should be noted this oil may cause photosensitivity in some, especially those who are sensitive to the sun and prone to burning.

It is a beautiful + deeply protective being to use for ritual body oiling (Abhyanga)
I had some customers write to me about the lovely soothing effects he has had on their faces due to angry red dry patches from stress.

Long used as a traditional treatment for the pain of bursitis, sciatica, neuralgia, myalgia, arthritis and shingles, massaging with St. John's Wort oil also a welcome relief for pulled muscles, sore and inflamed joints, burns (wonderful for prevention radiation burns) and has relieved many a backache.

I love using these beings for sciatica, nerve pain, muscle pain, mild skin irritations and burns.

St. john's Wort oil is believed to reduce the pain and inflammation of varicose veins and help eliminate spider veins with regular use.

While most herbalists will use only the flowers + buds~this oil is uniquely made from the fresh flowers + buds + leaves + stems of St. John's Wort, I prefer to use the whole plant so there is a nice balance of his spirit.

Gathered by my hands and infused in organic extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil~ harvested and processed in synergy with elemental spirits + traditional astrological rulers.

Energetically~St John’s wort~ hypericum perforatum is much more than what the industry has pigeon holed it for!

These beings are extensions of the sun here on earth.

Associated with the fae folk, spiritual saints and all servants of the light.

Reminding me always of the light and fire within each of us~ our connection to Source, our truth and how we can shine that light into the world to make positive impacts, even through the darkest of times.

Working with Sunwort

Deep gratitude & acknowledgement to The ancestors, The elementals, hereditary leaders and matriarchs, All creatures big and small for looking after the rich resources and cultural teachings of these beautiful lands that we all live and play on who holds us.

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