Spirit Anointing Oil

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Conjured for anxiety + protection + trauma support

Love yourself hard
Guided by Spirit~to nourish and protect your spirit, while offering you the opportunity to heal during these heavy times~ showing you there is and always will be light.
This blend carries the energies of ancient wisdom + protection.

Sultry, sexy, dark, earthy + spicy.
This smells like the essence of a safe warm place your heart demands to be held in.
This can be used to align yourself with the divine through scent.
Spirit will wrap you in a grounding embrace, connecting you to Earth Mamma and all her beauty.

For my Bipoc, my weary warriors, the parents, light workers, the justice seekers, land tenders, medicine makers, The wild beings + my witches + the essential ones.
This is for you.
I was guided by Spirit to make this on 8\8 the lions gate.
For Spirit by Spirit
It was birthed with deep love, joy and hope during such a heavy time.

The power of each individual oil in this blend is strong, but together these 3 work as a synergy and are incredible for anxiety, stress and trauma.

YES~ this smells incredible, one sniff melts my anxiety away and gently forces me to sway backwards or sit, but this is so much more than a perfume!

To be used on the base of the spine, the crown, the heart center, center of each palm + the 3rd eye.

Rub a drop or two for 30 seconds on any of those areas, try anointing all those points Or a few drops in the center of your hands gently rubbed together and brought up to your face cupped closely together over your eyes, nose + mouth~inhale slowly + deeply as Spirit's power of 3 travel up through your crown, down your body and out through your feet, then up and out circling around your auric field making its way back to your crown.
Helping to seal etheric tears and form a protective shield around you while instilling a sense of ease, calm + grace

Other ways to use this blend: Anoint before meditation on third eye or bottoms of your feet, try placing a couple of drops on a tissue or small piece of paper~this will hold the scent well for a couple of days, place it near your bed or anywhere you can grab it quick when you need a break or start to feel overwhelmed, add a few drops to a hot bath & let the steam do its magick.

Locally foraged, grown + made by me ~the blood red oil of Hypericum (St John's Wort) is a deeply protective grounding base to hold, love & protect you.
Beautifully restorative, a fierce guardian of protection spiritually, environmentally & physically.

Vetiver essential oil is one of my favorites for grounding, protection & support in times of change or chaos.
I am never without this precious being.
The one used in Spirit is from my private reserve!
Aromatically delicious with smooth & deep notes.
Not all are created equal, there is so much adulteration in our world's Vetiver market.

Mild sedative effects + very relaxing= wonderful for stress~ very centering.
His sacred roots travel through me and deep into the earth where they hold me safe.

He instills an instant calm in me, wrapping me in in his soft stabilizing velvet arms, feeding my heart strength while I take in the changes surrounding me.
Vetiver is used to stabilize the ground + control erosion, we see these incredible abilities reflected in his oil.

Labdanum resin (also known as Rockrose or Cistus) is an ancient aromatic ally.

Emotionally known to warm what is frozen.
The scent of Labdanum resin is incredibly deep mysterious + complex with rich smooth layers of warmth, sweet, spicy, some musk + balsamic notes too!
It is popularly used in perfumes and incense.

Energetic uses:
Labdanum has an affinity with the third eye, is both uplifting and sedating, useful in ritual work as she is able to bring up past lives +buried memories
She helps repair emotional wounds & energetic leaks, bringing us back into ourselves.

She has the ability to bring traumatic cellular memories that we have buried to the surface .

Over the years I have used her a when working with past traumas from this lifetime, transgenerational traumas that ppl are carrying from their lineages.

Works in the same way for helping process ancestral trauma and unearthing genealogical memories, regrowing and reconnecting to our roots.

For humans who are working on processing historical trauma and keep going over it repeatedly, labdanum can help bring some order to this chaos.

There are a very limited amount of these beauties available as this particular bottle supplier has disappeared and I can't find more right now.
For now once they are gone, they are gone!
Bottles are 8ml with glass dropper and vessel.

Customer Love

''TASHA. TASHA. TASHA. What a whole gift it was to receive your package.

It arrived when I was with the kids solo, I brought it in and tucked it away and tonight I was reminded it was waiting for me where I hid it. Right on time.
Today I needed a salve against all the white delusion, white violence.. on body and spirit level!! My face has been I don't even *know* what it is.. but I have been googling 'red, itchy, flaky skin patches on face' to try and calm this stress that is erupting.. tonight I put the St. Johns wort oil on it. I'll report back.

It felt obvious I was supposed to use it for that. And on a soul level.. the grief and anger and heartbreak I feel.. in what has been fully whipped up in this country and what today's events foreshadow is so painful. When I opened the Spirit anointing oil it was SO FAMILIAR. Instant comfort.
I don't know what scent is even what I am experiencing, but it felt like some sort of portal to me tonight. Something ancient and known...

The gift of the body butta is already soaked in on my raw skin on my hands and feels so silky, too.

I can't thank you enough for your generosity, your medicine, your intention.                          

It's all received so fully and exactly 'on time' that I unwrapped the packages tonight... I will keep the anointing oil in my medicine pouch so it's always near.
I send my heart-swell of gratitude your way tonight and look forward to staying in touch with you.

Thank you for witnessing with me and holding it all with me.

I saved your heart medicine picture and look at it to remember the golden thread of connections and true pure support.

I also came here to let you know that I put on the Spirit anointing oil every night and sometimes during particularly challenging spots during the day. It has brought me comfort, protection, safety in a time when I am grasping for those things.
So much love to you."
Chicago, Usa

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