Heart + Spirit Rose Elixir

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For all the land earth warriors, sacred Mommas + humxns
For everyone navigating their way and living through this current paradigm.
To connect you with your heart space and inner guidance in difficult times.
To remember joy.

I have a very small batch of these very special beings available.
Two Elixirs to choose from and one Oxymel.

Wild Rose feels like the pure embodiment of softness + strength.
She knows softness is a strength.

Did you know Rose embodies one of the highest frequencies?
She vibrates at 320Mhz
These frequencies have the power to support and transmute the lower ones.

When you work with Rose you are connecting with earth and sacred feminine energies.
There is a feeling of sacred Mother, one who loves unconditionally with such depth and wild abandon, she holds you so dearly with tenderness and knows the only way to love in this way is to instill boundaries (represented in her thorns)

She is all huge heart and boundary medicine, a connector Maternal lineages.

Work with her when there is grief, heartache, trauma, transitions, feelings of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, confusion.
She is a remembrance of our connection to joy.

Ruled by Venus, rose has a deep sensual side + holds sweet aphrodisiac qualities.
She is unapologetic when she blooms, unafraid to be seen and take up that space, she takes great pleasure in honoring that.
She teaches us there is power is our pleasure too and offers us safety to feel into that.
What is life without pleasure?

For everyone navigating their way and living through this current paradigm.
To connect you with your heart space and inner guidance in difficult times.

I noticed this year there was Wild Rose growing in massive abundance, much more than in recent years and in areas I hadn't seen it before.

When I sat with her, she showed me how her medicine is here in such a big way for us humxns, to help with the shift we and earth are going through, to bring softness, soothe our heavy hearts, to bring in deep connection and love to the collective.

For remembrance of our Joy and know that we are all loved.
Their spirits showed me how they embody a vibration of Divine Love.

Two elixirs to choose from; Wild Rose petals steeped in brandy + raw honey and wild rose petals steeped in vodka + raw honey

One oxymel with a wee bit of spirit; An oxymel means a mixture of honey and vinegar, in this case raw honey + organic raw apple cider vinegar and tiny amount of vodka
Think a lovely sweet and sour, tart taste.

They were brewed for 5 moons ​with my own rituals in song and prayer, charged with magano calcite and rose quartz.

These are deeply powerful, yet gentle beings that are attuned to the heart + crown chakras. They bring peace, unconditional love, nurturing, tenderness + comfort.
Healing on the physical and etheric levels across time and space.

Made with deep love in small amounts, Rosa nutkana wild crafted by me on the unceded lands of the Lək̓ʷəŋən + WSÁNEĆ Nations in right relationship with her sun and moon cycles.
These beings are very potent in their offerings.

Apples are also in the Rose family, I chose the apple cider vinegar to hold this potion deeply and in high vibration.

Members of the Rose family also offer protection in a very big boundary way.
Take a look at those thorns!
Protection is also offered against negatives energies, actions and entities.

In difficult times may this offering hold your Heart + Spirit with strength and gentleness.
May she connect you with your Heart Space so that you remember all the Love + Beauty that surrounds you.

Suggestions for use

Please shake well before use!
Drop dosing on tongue or 1 tsp 2-3 x daily as needed
Enjoy straight out of the bottle or add to a bit of water.

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