Oil of Resilience

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A blend of a beloved Tree Resin infused into organic Dandelion oil.
This oil carries a high vibration and is a bright cheery yellow color.

This is one of my favorite creations! I love to make a batch every year.
The scent is so beautiful, it holds and grounds if you can imagine sitting on a forest floor of pine and spruce.
You feel deeply held by the beings that make up this blend.

Usually this is just White pine resin, but I have added black spruce resin this year!

I sourced the spruce resin from a lovely artisan person in Alberta who has a special relationship with these trees and is in right relationship with the lands.

She collects this tree resin in an ethical way so that no harm ever comes to these beings.
These are the types of folks I love to support.

Spruce is a wonderfully relaxing scent that immediately makes you smile and slow down.
One of it's deepest strengths (properties) is promoting mental and physical relaxation.
Spruce contains a chemical called Bornyl acetate which is natural terpene derivative. (also present in the herb valerian which is seen a lot as sleep and relax support)

Why Pine Resin?

Lion's tooth & Pine resin work so well ensemble in this blend.
I could say so much about the wonderful protective energies of Pine and the beautiful uses of his resin.

Pine uses his own sap to protect himself from outside attacks and to keep his wounds from getting infected.
Resins are the sacred lifeblood of our tree beings, healing their wounds and protecting against infection.
Tree Resins repair, protect, and heal.

Antiseptic and wound healing properties.
They can lend their healing to us as boundary protection energetically and physically for our own skin.

Though I love my essential oils, I feel there is so much more to learn about these incredible unprocessed oleoresins that are usually thrown away after the essential oil has been taken from the tree.

I find oleoresins contain many more of the healing compounds than the essential oils that are distilled from them.
Humans have been using tree saps since the beginning of time for their wonderful aromatics and healing uses~ the list is long!

Also, with the option of deep, dark, mysteriously beautiful + grounding Vetiver being added.

Vetiver essential oil is one of my favorites for grounding, protection & support in times of change or chaos.
I am never without this precious being.
This Vetiver is from my private reserve!
Not all are created equal, there is so much adulteration in our world's Vetiver market.

Aromatically delicious with smooth & deep notes.
Combined with pine resin and dandelion, this potion has an extra layer that is earthy and so very grounding.

Sultry, mesmerizing and I have to say.. a little intoxicating (in a good way)
This combination is a scent you want to keep smelling.

Mild sedative effects + very relaxing= wonderful for stress~ very centering.
It makes my nervous system very happy.
His sacred roots travel through me and deep into the earth where they hold me safe.

He instills an instant calm in me, wrapping me in in his soft stabilizing velvet arms, feeding my heart strength while I take in the changes surrounding me.

Vetiver is used to stabilize the ground + control erosion, we see these incredible abilities reflected in his oil.
We could all use Vetiver during Scorpio + eclipse seasons.

Resilience meets Strength with the the merging of Dandelion and Pine resin.

Dandy flowers are lovingly infused into organic avocado oil for 8-10 weeks, fresh White Pine resin (ethically harvested in Ontario from a human who is deeply in touch with the land and these trees he cares for) is then added and left for many moons to deepen and add his strength and protective qualities.

These oils have been infused with tigers eye, black tourmaline and quartz crystals.
They have been blessed, sung to by me and charged with my crystal singing bowl.

Always in deep reverence and with gratitude. Lovingly and ethically harvested by me with the perfect rhythms and tides of Earth Mama on the sacred beautiful unceded lands of the Lək̓ʷəŋən + W̱SÁNEĆ nations.

This is an offering, a conjuring for these times + energies.
So much is being unearthed & released.

SCENT: Fresh Pine and Spruce forest with Dandelions about, refreshing + uplifting.
This. Smells . SO. Good.
The land is holding you and helping you remember.

USES: A few drops to half a dropperful, a little goes a long way.
breast massage, face oil massage, relaxing achy muscles, body tension, self worth + ritual work, release work, an incredible anointing oil for our energy centers that feel most vulnerable or are in need of strong protective support energetically.

Can be massaged over the heart space for sadness or grief support and even over the back area over the lungs, for our grief can be held here too.

This oil is a superb support to regular breast self massage with the bonus of having lovely skin softening effects it acts as a great face oil or anywhere body needs nourishing support.
I have had great feedback on the use of this as a facial moisturizer and blemish treatment.

Personally I like to use this on my sore muscles.
Tree resins encourage blood flow to the area it is applied.

Dandelion Flower Oil promotes deep relaxation while releasing emotional tension and rigidity held in the muscles and fascia of the body caused by mental and emotional stress; all areas, especially the shoulders, neck, face + jaw.

👉🏽This is an excellent oil for body massage, especially amazing for use on the face + neck, chest areas with gua sha tools or kansa wand.

TMJ issues? This oil is your ally! Look in to facial massage + gua sha.

Historically used for breast massage, relaxing achy muscles, self worth + ritual work + release work.

Regular use of dandelion flower oil promotes deep relaxation of the breast tissues, facilitating the release of held emotions.

I have never seen a flower being so deeply hated as the dandelion which literally translates from french dent de lion to Lion's tooth in English.
Dandelion has been murdered over and over again~ poisoned, pulled up from his roots to keep lawns looking "proper"

All his medicine overlooked and yet each time he returns.
If ever there was a "weed" that says I am resilient AF it IS this little lion's tooth.
He perseveres in that he comes back over and over again, no matter what you do to him, he comes back harder, stronger, in bigger numbers and with that beautiful sunny face.
He will push through concrete and crevices to return & greet the sun.

"In many ways, Dandelion is the very definition of insistent wildness, of life that survives and thrives anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Perpetually persecuted, they still adapt to nearly any climate, seed themselves in concrete, rock crevices, chemical-laden yards, vacant lots, and even in a sprinkle of earth and rock tossed atop a slab of metal. Dandelion is persistence, joy in the face of adversity and bliss even while broken-hearted." Kiva Rose Medicine woman

Lion Tooth's super powers are deeply infused into Oil of Resilience.

Rub a few drops of on your Manipura chakra (Solar plexus) for 30 seconds (or wherever you are feeling vulnerable and tender, I often put it on my heart space as well) as you breathe in through your Manipura, envision dandelion blossom opening or the mouth of the lioness with all those teeth about to Roar~ and taking back ALL your power, filling you with your inner fire, purpose, security + strength you need & releasing all that no longer serves you.

Dandelion loves to work with you to strengthen your sense of self worth + releasing those deeply held emotions while Pine holds you with his mighty protection.


I AM Resilience
I reclaim my Power now
I am Safe to express my anger, shame sadness, rage etc,
I am Safe to release my anger, shame sadness, rage etc,
I release all patterns of disharmony held in my body and energy fields
I AM worthy of deep Love + Respect
I AM worthy of my own Love,
I AM worthy!

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