Gumweed Honey

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Limited quantities~understand this is a seasonal offering and very small batch.

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Grindelia flowers gathered in deepest reverence when Cancer meets Leo season on a full moon at high tide.
Ethically harvested by me with the perfect rhythms and tides of Earth Mama on the sacred beautiful unceded lands of the Lək̓ʷəŋən + W̱SÁNEĆ nations.
SOLD OUT! Get your pre orders in early for this special being

$25~9oz (266ml~ Holds 12 oz of honey or 380g of honey)
$30~12oz (375ml ~Holds 500 grams of honey = .5 kg of honey or 1.1 lbs)

These are delicious supportive treats for our bodies.

Grindelia commonly known as Gumweed
Not the sexiest sounding name, I know! But she makes up for it in taste and magickal support.
A beautiful seasonal offering of fresh coastal Gumweed~gently warm infused into local raw honey

Harvested with love and w Earth Mama’s rhythms and tides to capture beautiful deep healing energies.

Grindelia flowers carry beautiful summer light codes that are infused right into the honey they soak in, providing a dose of light + warmth in the darker months.
These beings are supportive to our respiratory system and help get all that heavy gunk out of our lungs.
Our unexpressed grief sits in our lungs.

Gumweed flowers and her rich resin make a beautiful warm sunny energy filled honey w deep distinctive balsam aromatic & resinous notes.
👉🏽Tastes delicious. No seriously. Amazing.

Eat on her own straight outta the jar or in some warm water or your favorite tea.
Drizzle her over dark chocolate, have her with some toast.
Take note though, she is very relaxing!

👉🏽A Wonderful expectorant, (helps to breaks up, thin out mucous that is thick and stuck in lungs & helps you cough it up) great for those dry unproductive coughs~relaxing bronchial spasms
👉🏽 I find her to be very relaxing to my lungs~even my heart & anxiety, her magick relaxes the smooth muscles in body.

She was a strong ally for me & Gizmo ( fur body) during the wildfire smoke last year.
We both had dry coughs, raw & irritated with heavy hearts.

Deep gratitude & acknowledgement to The ancestors, The elementals, hereditary leaders and matriarchs, All creatures big and small for looking after the rich resources and cultural teachings of this beautiful land that we all live and play on who holds and heals us.

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