Fatty Rose Butter (Tallow)

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"I am obsessed with both Fatty Rose and Fatty flower! These are so creamy and deeply moisturizing. I like that this is just tallow and contains nothing else.
I love essential oils, but I wanted something that was free of them, these have a light scent that is so fresh. my partner and I love using these and have developed our own rituals with them."

Dawn + Isaac

She's rich, delicious and boujie as hell. 100% not vegan.
This is shea butter's not vegan sister.

This is local grass fed + finished tallow that's been soaked in rose petals.
Only Tallow.
Only Rose petals.
Organic Rosa Centifolia petals from a small farm in India I work with.
The scent is nothing compared to essential oils, very lightly scented, but it's there and it's lovely.
Rose comes with a whole line of benefits for your skin.
Comes in a 2oz or 8oz jar that can be repurposed.

Also available in Fatty Flower (see drop down menu)
Tallow soaked in Lavender + Rose + Chamomile flowers, the lavender aromatics really come through nicely with this one.

And she comes with the option of adding some extra magick with Clearing smoke loose incense, save a few dollars, Choose bundle me in the drop down menu Learn about the awesome of Clearing Smoke and the other ways to use it that don't involve burning

You can also add these tallow to your beautiful Of Light and Shadow Bundle for $15.15 Here

I developed a love of working with animal fats while living in Russia.
Locals gifted me with bear + sheep fat they hunted and rendered themselves.

I was taught the traditional ways it was used by for healing and food.
It was such a blessing to learn and then exchange gifts of medicine with these people.

Rendering animal fats is truly an art, one of deep love that takes time and patience.
I do this in micro batches of a few pounds at a time.

Fat has been demonized for decades in the medical community, I’m happy to see healthy fats making a comeback over the last few years.
Grass fed + finished fats are the best + have a ton fat soluble vitamins A, B12, D, E and K. These are extremely nourishing for skin.

Prep your skin to receive this deep nourishment by first steaming, applying a warm face cloth, or using a hydrosol~directly after a hot shower works too.

To avoid transferring any bacteria into your jar, make sure those hands are clean!

This is not whipped, it is a solid butter that is easy to work with, it should soften some when it adjusts to your home temperature.

Use as an incredible moisturizer for the body or hair, and like most fats + oils is wonderful to wash your face with if you don't want to strip all the oils from it and keep that moisture barrier in tact.
It will remove all makeup and dirt.
Put a warm-hot cloth on your face and get your skin really damp, emulsify the tallow between your palms (rub them together really fast for a few seconds)
you will see it almost gets a lathered look.

Massage this on your neck + face~you can spritz your face with more water or your favorite hydrosol and keep "washing"

To remove use a warm cloth or a wet cotton pad if you are wearing a lot of make up!
You can apply more butter when you are done or just massage your face as is~it should be nice and soft after washing with this tallow.

Tallow can also be very helpful for eczema.

As someone who has chronic eczema I can say this has been one of the best things for me to manage it externally.
If you have questions please reach out.
This is NOT medical advice nor do I offer it, however I will share what works for me and the sometimes insane itch that accompanies flare ups.

A little goes a very long way, this is a beautifully rendered animal fat, but contains zero preservatives and is not meant to sit on a shelf for months or years~please always use clean fingers and use within 6 months.

Keep in a cool dry place. Yes, she is shelf stable provided you aren't introducing bacteria and not keeping her in a hot spot!
Please don't keep her in your hot steamy bathroom or sauna.
A dry place out of direct light is always best.
Tallow has a melting point of 95°F/35°C

Medical Disclaimer

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Customer Reviews

Met Natasha when she was printing signs for her Wonder Butter and I asked her what it was and you can see the passion in her eyes when she talks about her products. She intrigued me and I bought her Fatty Flower Body Butter because I got a new tattoo. She told me about the benefits of tallow and it healed my skin faster than anything I ever tried before. Love your work and passion, Natasha!!

Melina Lochunah

OMGGGG this helped the dry patches on my face and arms. Top quality rendering and product. Thank you!!