Distance Energy Healing + Clearing

$13.13 CAD - $190.00 CAD

Are there things coming up for you that need a sounding board or do you have questions after your session?
Post session support by donation is always available through a 30 min phone call here

Please note Distance Energy Healing + Clearing is a remote session only, we will not need to set a time to meet online.

Many of you have asked, if you want to consult with me before your remote session, there is now an option available for 1 hour in the drop down menu.

This option is for folks who feel they have more complex issues that can't be thoroughly expressed in writing.

If you are looking to go deeper, be seen and heard please check out my Deep Heart Listening + Healing session.

This requires an online meeting or phone call. Learn more here

"I have been working with Natasha all year.
The force in this woman is STRONG.
The wisdom she embodies is beautiful and deeply appreciated. She has
helped me move a deep infection that was being held in my body for years. I
like there is an option for follow ups after sessions by donation.
Thank you Natasha"

"Tasha, Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was so sick with a nasty sinus and urinary tract infection.
My body was really run down. I started to feel better very quickly, within the day she started working on me.
I could feel things shifting and lifting.
She offered gentle guidance for moving forward with this which I deeply appreciated.
I didn’t know fear was a big energy involved with the kidneys and urinary tract. I was told I was holding a lot of fear, which tracks with everything I have been dealing with.

I am in a deep learning process when it comes to my body and health. Grateful to be able to have this support along the way!"

"I feel so much lighter, the heavy cloud I told you about has lifted. All the tension has left my body along with that terrible headache.
Something else I noticed is that I felt so held and safe.
This is my first distant clearing and I will be coming back to maintain my body and mind.
I wasn't expecting this kind of "report" I keep coming back to read again. It's incredible!
Thank you Natasha!!"

""Hello Natasha,
I just read your report from the healing session you gave me this week.
Okay, I will now officially eat my hat here.
I’m impressed at how detailed this was with the anatomy mentioned, then some of it went way over my scientific mind.

“Tears in my etheric field, attachments.
The use of the word spirit and entity.

I have questions and would like to book a follow up.

The impact this has had is difficult for me to understand.
Honestly I was expecting nothing!
But I’m feeling so much better!!

Anxiety has subsided, pain in my chest gone. I feel myself again.. it’s hard to explain.

I actually slept a full night for the first time in months!!

Thank you for the after care tips, I would never think to drink more fluids to help the release.

You’ve opened up another world for me.
Thank you greatly for the time you put in."


The amazing way energy and intention works is that it transcends space, time + all dimensions, meaning that you can be anywhere doing anything and still fully receive energy, guidance or a healing.

You don't have to meet me online, this can happen anywhere at anytime.

This can be for yourself, friends, family, pets etc

What you will receive and can expect from me as your energy worker

  • Gentle guidance, accountability, directness, respect, compassion and confidentiality.
  • You will receive a written report through writing of what I cleared, blockages and any guidance that chooses to come through.

  • Come back to your report for grounding and healing. It's coded to keep helping you!

  • Email support + advice~I welcome any questions that come up after your session via email.

  • I will connect to your auric bodies to see and feel where energies may be stuck or stagnant, drawing from various energetic healing modalities I've worked with over the years to help facilitate a balance.
  • I will always connect to your highest self and offer guidance, healing and messages in whatever way they choose to come through. Always with and for your highest and best intentions.

    Sometimes this is through angels, your spirit guides or Earth mama and her healing elements.
  • Once your order is placed, your session and notes are delivered within 2-7 days (depends on current wait list)
  • I spend 45 min on each session. Don't forget to leave me your email.

    In the notes section at check out (at the very bottom right before you click to pay)

    Please leave me:

    1. Your full name
    2. Your intentions for healing and clearing.

    What are you struggling with? Are you surrounded by negativity?
    Feeling blocked from living your highest potential?
    Need help clearing some cords + attachments?
    Do you feel overwhelmed?
    Physical health issues?

    Maybe it's physical, mental or both.

    Generational trauma shows up in many different ways as well as grief.

    You can ask for a general healing + clearing if you are not sure.
    The energy and clearing always goes where it's needed most

    I work with Mama Earth's energies (sun and moon) + her elements, my guides, Theta healing, traditional Reiki, crystal healing and my own ways of connecting and clearing.

    Extra cord + blockage removal is available in the drop down menu to add to your session.
    This will allow for balance to your incoming life force to support your manifestation and internal balance.

    People often report feeling lighter and more clear minded.

    You can see a persons past, present and future energies in their auric field.
    For some people their auric bodies (auras) have many psychic etheric, or parasitical cords.

    These can be caused by multiple things in life.
    Sometimes they need more attention, sometimes these cords and blockages are deeply embedded and don’t want to move.

    I often see our auric bodies become heavy and dense, attract unnecessary energies (spirits or entities) even negative outcomes in life.

    This leads to holes in the energy bodies, energy leaks which affects our life force and can result in mental, emotional and or physical ailments.

    I will go through each of your subtle bodies (there are 7) to remove any cords, energetic debris and extra blockages.

    Any energy leaks will be sealed.
    After these removals your energetic bodies will be strengthened with elemental energies or the help of a spirit guide.

    Another addition in the drop down menu is to open and receive Pure Love + GrandMother Energy
    This is a beautiful gift to receive.

    Learn more HERE


    By paying for this service you fully understand this is NOT a replacement for therapy or counseling sessions.
    I am not a therapist.
    This service is NOT a replacement for medical care.

    AND you have read the medical disclaimer HERE

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    For Canadian clients only, for any reason if this process is too much for you, please reach out and I will happily arrange for you to pay via E transfer**