Clearing smoke~Loose incense

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Clearing smoke~loose incense for your energetic field + space
Hand ground (by me) white Pine and Noble Fir from Vancouver Island, organic rose petals (Rosa Centafolia) from a beloved small farm in India I work with + a small amount of Sandalwood powder from my travels over the years to round it all out.

Imagine a magic place where you are walking through a pine forest, there are of course roses growing everywhere, there sweet scent dancing with the pine ~and then it starts raining sandalwood.

This is what this clearing + grounding loose incense smells and *feels* like for me when I open the jar.

There is more than one use!

Open your jar and simply inhale~smell the medicine in it's raw form, Burn it to clear or for your own ritual~this creates a clear strong + safe space, put some in your bath water or put some in a hot pot of water to steam your face and chest area~this is a beautiful practice to ready your skin before you apply your tallow!

Also we have found her wonderful using in this way when we are congested.
Some folks use it to bring scent and moisture to their living space.

Comes in a 50ml frosted glass jar that can be repurposed.