Of Light + Shadow Bundle

$15.15 CAD - $88.88 CAD

Use code fortyfour at checkout for 44% off for the rest of 2023! Extended to January 21, 2024 11:59pm Pst~Happy New Year everyone!

So many of you have asked, so I will continue to make these boxes available a few times through out the year!

May we all trust and embrace the medicine the thresholds offer us.

"OMG..I chose to add the vetiver to my Resilience oil..it is something I have never experienced before.
I get compliments all the time on the scent.
It’s not a perfume, but the smell is so beautiful it acts like one.
I use it daily to ground in my spiritual practice and just my life!
I find it very centering.
My husband loves using it in his beard.
The scent really invites you in."

This past year I have been working with much grief in my life, the oils in the box have held me.
Dandelion oil is a first for me, the color is so happy.
Natasha took the time to explain a few different ways to use it.
She holds so much wisdom and knowledge and shares freely!
I’ve made my own ritual with this Sunshine oil"

The incense blend is pure medicine! I haven’t even burned it yet because I get what need just smelling it out of the jar and adding it to my bath water.
Please don’t stop making this box.
Thank you or sharing your wisdom."


Dear ones I am adding a free double rose infused elixir with cardamom to your bundle 🌹 while supplies last!
(Brandy + or vodka + honey)
While supplies last.
Cardamom is so nice for our digestion
( before + after heavy food) and as for rose~I could go on for days about this being~the embodiment of love while honoring boundaries + instilling protection.
A beautiful Heart balm~ I think the entire world should be painted in her.
Tastes delicious on her own and is a nice addition to hot chocolate.

You will receive
ONE 2oz jar of clearing smoke~loose incense for your energetic field + space
ONE 1oz bottle of Sunshine Oil (dandelion infused oil)
One 2oz bottle of Oil Of Resilience~ beautiful protective oil of pine + spruce resins
ONE gorgeous black beeswax ritual candle made + dressed by me
ONE 2oz bottle of Rose Cardamom Elixir (while supplies last)

If you choose the add on you will get ONE 2oz jar of gorgeous tallow body butter~Fatty Rose or Fatty Flower

This grass fed + finished tallow rendered by me and soaked in organic rose petals or Fatty Flower which is infused with lavender rose + chamomile flowers.

They are also sold separately for $22.22 each., but if you choose the add on they are $15.15
Read about Fatty Rose + Fatty Flower tallow here

Wonder butter sold out, but I will be making another batch.

This is a bundle to offer support and simply pour into yourself as we dive into the depths of winter, transitions, Solstice, eclipses, holi~daze season and liminal spaces.

A beautiful gift to self for anytime of the year!

The blends in this box honor our need for light, shadow and that space in between to pause.
For anyone who wants to pour deeply into themselves~ Encouraging you to create your own loving rituals with this bundle no matter what time of year it is!

May these creations hold you with tender love through the portals of your continued evolution.

👉🏽 in the form of liquid sunshine for the body aka dandelion oil which literally smells like summer and carries those light codes from that time of year.

For those days when your spirit needs a dose of sun + warmth + remembrance.
It's difficult to find this beauty full strength on it's own!
I have a small batch I kept as we move into Fall + winter.

What makes it so magical

Their imprints of strength, resilience and sunny warmth are held in this oil.

Dandelion blossom infused oil is an all purpose floral moisturizer, skin-softening + tissue-supportive, help us release emotions that are being held.
The flowers carry big beautiful light codes from the time of year when they were harvested.

Feels like sunlight + smells like spring, summer & honey.
Let's not forget that these beings are legit bad ass warriors that thrive in the darkest of times, always finding their way to the light or literally through walls + concrete.

Dandy flowers lovingly harvested by me on unceded lands of the Lekwungen + WSÁNEĆ Nations.
Infused into avocado oil for 8 weeks and sung to by me and my crystal singing bowl.

👉🏽for the shadow~ Oil of Resilience filled with beautiful protective pine + spruce resin, with the option of Vetiver to further hold you

Personally one of my fav's for de stressing + anxiety, my go to for body oiling in the colder months. Extremely uplifting + relaxing.
Note this is potent and can also be used as a chest rub on the front + the back of your ribs, tender lymph nodes on the throat

Learn more about Oil Of Resilience and dandy oil here!
Vetiver here!

👉🏽 clearing smoke~loose incense for your energetic field + space
Hand ground (by me) white Pine and Noble Fir from Vancouver Island, organic rose petals (Rosa Centafolia) from a beloved small farm in India I work with + a small amount of Sandalwood powder from my travels over the years to round it all out.

There is more than one use!
Open your jar and simply inhale~smell the medicine in it's raw form, burn it to clear or for your own ritual~this creates a clear strong + safe space, put some in your bath water or put some in a hot pot of water to steam your face.

👉🏽 plus one gorgeous black beeswax ritual candle dressed by me
with grounding and protection herbs. It has been carved and sealed with the words protection, grounding clearing and anointed with Oil Of Resilience.

A gift of physical light, set your intention before lighting it.
The intentions of protection and grounding within these are strong.
Useful in stressful situations + psychic attacks.
These were made in deep ritual on the day of Saturn (Saturn’s day Saturday)

Saturday is ruled by Saturn. It is a time for protection, discipline, binding duty, family, manifestation, and completion.
Saturn rules witchcraft, limitations, obstacles, binding, knowledge, death, rebirth, buildings, structures, karmic debts, magical knowledge, self-discipline, sacred wisdom, history, time + longevity.

Black candles are used for spells & rituals in grounding, protection, safety, banishing, repelling negativity and releasing.

Burn time 1.5 hour approx. Place on a heat proof surface, be mindful that some of the herbs will fall off when handling it

👉🏽I know the shipping in Canada is seriously cringe worthy~ did you know Canada Post vehicles use diesel?
It costs more and we all get to pay for it😑

Being a micro biz, I’m not a high volume shipper and so Canada Post doesn’t give me a huge discount on shipping costs~ whatever is given I pass on to you.
Many small businesses are eating this extra cost for you, but it’s not sustainable.

To the humans who buy these sweet special bundles~ A deep heart felt thank you

If you would like to add an incredible Wonder Butter OR Fatty Rose Body Butter to your box it's an additional $15.15 available as an add on below
These are incredible for the face + body, acne, irritated skin, eczema, dark spots.

If you want this added to your box, please first add the box of light + Shadow to your cart and then go back to the drop down menu to use the add on option for $15.15

Wonder Butter is sold separately for $33.33 here

Fatty Rose + Fatty Flower Butters are sold separately for $22.22 each here

if you would like Vetiver added to your Oil Of Resilience, please let me know in the notes

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