3 Kings Body Butta (also available unscented)

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THIS BEAUTY IS SEASONAL FOLKS, AVAILABLE ONLY WHEN THE WEATHER GETS COOLER~ unless of course you live in Victoria or on the Island it shouldn't melt in transit or you can pick it up!

My version of what the Magi gifted baby Jesus~ 3 Kings
Packaged in an 8oz frosted glass jar.

Shea butter hand whipped with my beloved St. John's Wort Oil (Sun Wort Oil) which was infused in small batches with resins of Frankincense + Myrrh.

Resins people! Hand ground with my Blood, Sweat + Love by the traditional mortar + pestle.
Used by my ancestors, extracting the resins this way is beautiful ancestral medicine.
Working with these ancients in this way allows me to connect with their plant spirits deeply and in great integrity + reverence while honoring my ancestors.
A depth that is lost by using an electric grinder.

The gold in this is for me the addition Vetiver essential oil + Labdanum resin. (A beautiful, healing + very relaxing blend used in Spirit Anointing oil)

Labdanum is thought by many to be the Balm of Gilead in the bible~with its beautiful, deep and mysterious layers I can see why.
The Balm of Gilead was stunning aromatically, a rare perfume that was used medicinally.

I added the tiniest amount of lavender essential oil to round it all out.

Did you know?
Many types of Frankincense resins contain Boswellic acids~ a group of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer resin acids.
They are lost through the process of distillation when producing the essential oil. While I love + deeply respect my aromatherapy and all her healing, I think it's important to note that resins offer many benefits + therapeutic compounds that cannot be replaced by essential oils.

Myrrh is a treasure of multi layers + an ancient being linked to the dark moon, used in ritual to heal grief, honor the dead + nurture our wisdom.
She can lead us into the depths of emotion to work her healing magicks.

Other Uses than slathering it everywhere:
These buttas are great for washing your face too, especially in the winter.
dissolves dirt and grime, leaving your skin very soft~ one of my fav ways to cleanse my face after a long day.
You can mix a little of this in a separate container or the palm of your hand with your favorite exfoliating goodies.
Favorites to add are ground oatmeal, ground almonds, sunflower seeds, brown demerara sugar extra finely ground baking soda (use very gently please)

Rinse with a nice hot face cloth lovingly, slowly + gently. Then spray with your fav hydrosol or herbal tea and let it all soak in.

Medical Disclaimer